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aggregated blog feeds

The BDP RSS Aggregator is my most popular plugin. It is a great way to follow what is happening on your friends’ blogs and on topical blogs of interest.

The Aggregator captures RSS feeds for the sites you select and displays them on your web site. It does this without using cron.


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EmbedRSS plugin

It came to my attention that this plugin didn’t include content from atom feeds. So, now it does. Right at the moment, it includes the full content, not a summary. The atom protocol allows for a summary, but blogger.com (the most prominent user of atom that I know of), doesn’t implement it. Originally, the code was written to pull a summary from atom feeds. But, since there are a few blogger feeds I knew we’re going to be incorporating, I switched it to using the atom_content node. The new version can be found here:

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RSS 介紹

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) 是一種用來分發和匯集網頁內容的 XML 格式,訂閱 RSS 後,只要透過 RSS 閱讀器,就可看到即時更新的內容。

[cetsEmbedRSS id=’http://udn.com/udnrss/latest.xml’ itemcount=’10’ itemcontent=’1′]

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