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DPAP 常見問題

2015.08 Android5.0+ & Chrome 44.0+ 開始支援多選

1. 支援5000萬畫素以內相機,檔案過大無法上傳 (效能考量)
2. WIFI連線僅提供手機瀏覽器(或是Chrome)上傳,無法連上網際網路
3. 如有異常請拔掉電源後10秒(分)再接上,重新開機5個燈全亮即可
4. 區域網路異常(如電腦中毒)易造成不穩,請檢查集線器是否異常閃爍
使用說明 (2013.11.10)



Android APP 下載 | 設定 | 使用

  • 使用APP上傳,請確認WIFI已連線,且APP也連線DPAP伺服器
  • 可先在/upload 建立xx資料夾後,再設定遠端資料夾(如/upload/xx)
  • 內建相簿無法多選時,可使用Google相簿或下載快圖瀏覽(QuickPic)
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JavaRa is a simple tool that does a simple job: it removes old and redundant versions of the Java Runtime Environment (JRE). Simply select “Check for Updates” or “Remove Older Version” to begin. JavaRa is free under the GNU GPL version two.

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WordPress 快速設定指南

根據WordPress 2.8以上版本提供快速優化設定…

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WordPress 的影音教學網站 is Your Visual Resource for All Things WordPress

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yahoo 搜尋引擎的偏好

如圖所示 🙂

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WordPress or Drupal ?

Always sorry to see someone leave WordPress, but you ended up pretty much the other best place I could think of. Features are a great reason to switch, but scaling doesn’t need to be. We host some of the largest poltical blogs like all of CNN’s which regularly get thousands of comments per day and we do about a billion pageviews a month on, so here are some tips for future people who may come across this post (some which may be useful to the Drupal community as well):

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Page Parking 服務


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加入Flickr 相片

1. 先登入後台,進行 flickr 認證,即可使用後台上傳照片至flickr

2. 撰寫日誌時,按 [Add Flickr photo] 即可插入圖片


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1. 複製影片代碼,如上所示

2. 撰寫日誌時切換至 HTML模式, 然後貼上代碼即可發布…

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RSS 介紹

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) 是一種用來分發和匯集網頁內容的 XML 格式,訂閱 RSS 後,只要透過 RSS 閱讀器,就可看到即時更新的內容。

[cetsEmbedRSS id=’’ itemcount=’10’ itemcontent=’1′]

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