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SearchWiki 自訂搜尋

SearchWiki 可讓您自訂「Google 網頁搜尋」的搜尋結果網頁,包括排序搜尋結果、移除搜尋結果或加上附註。從此在您登入「Google 帳戶」並進行相同的搜尋時,即會得到您自訂的結果,直到您恢復原本設定為止。您也可以看看其他使用者自訂搜尋結果網頁時,加了哪些附註或做了什麼變更。

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HTML Validator – 檢查HTML語法

HTML Validator is a Mozilla extension that adds HTML validation inside Firefox and Mozilla. The number of errors of a HTML page is seen on the form of  an icon in the status bar when browsing. The details of the errors are seen when looking the HTML source of the page.

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WebMail Notifier


WebMail Notifier checks your webmail accounts and notifies the number of unread emails…
Supports : gmail, yahoo, hotmail, daum, naver, empas, nate and more

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KallOut supports the top sites on the Internet

火狐專用 – 右鍵搜尋及加速

Search any of your favorite sites in seconds. No typing required.

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PicPick Tools – All-in-one Design Tools


PicPick is an all-in-one software for software developers, graphic designers and home user.

It has an intuitive interface and simple, elegant operation. After starting the software, you simply select one of the tool from the PicPick Tools trayicon menu when you want.

It features a powerful capture tool, image editor, color picker, color palette, pixel ruler, protractor, crosshair, whiteboard and etc. You can use all these tools freely.

PicPick is portable ware, so you don’t need any installation.
And, this is distributed as Freeware. So you may use this software on any number of computers for as long as you like.

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Thematic, A WordPress Theme Framework

Thematic is a free, open-source, highly extensible, search-engine optimized WordPress Theme Framework featuring 13 widget-ready areas, grid-based layout samples, styling for popular plugins, and a whole community behind it. It’s perfect for beginner bloggers and WordPress development professionals.

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Google 的頭粉大 YouTube


Google is spending more than $2 million a day on YouTube — and it is nowhere near seeing a return on that investment. Indeed, it may be losing up to $1.65 million daily on the video site.

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IE 附加元件庫

聽說… IE 也有外掛 ^^

Internet Explorer 8 附加元件庫 整合了目前所有微軟夥伴們提供的服務。您可以下載最新的 IE8 加速器,訂閱 Web Slices 並新增更多種類的搜尋服務提供者,提供您最豐富與即時的功能,以及個人化瀏覽器的使用體驗。

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Web of Trust

Web of Trust 能維護您在網路上瀏覽與購物的安全性。 WOT 的顏色編碼標誌能幫助您在點擊之前避免線上詐騙、盜用身分、不可靠的購物網站與安全威脅。 讓您更安全地瀏覽網路,現在就將 WOT 加入您的 Firefox 吧。

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