Blog Design Studio

Blogging and Web Designing for quite a while, we have now got into pro blog designing. In a short span of 5 months we already have a list of top bloggers who regularly works with us.

Go through our portfolio and if you like what you see then please feel free to contact us for any work (blog or website) with WordPress.

We are also known for our whacky sense of humor which helps us to get through the work days.
Our development work is based out of the historic city of Skopje in Macedonia while the marketing arm in Singapore.

Free Themes:

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2008 WPMU plugin competition

For the ‘people’s choice’ prize…

First place: AJAX CommentLuv plugin for MU

Second place: Yet Another Recent Posts Plugin

Third place: Collaboration E-mails Plugin

And, as judged by the team..

First place: Toggle Admin Menus Sitewide

Second place: Yet Another Recent Posts Plugin

Third place: Collaboration E-mails Plugin

WPMU 外掛主要針對多網站的管理,當然WP的外掛也可用。

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onehertz Themes

Onehertz Web Solutions is a Montreal-based business that specializes in personalized services for websites utilizing the free WordPress publishing platform.

We offer website design, theme development, custom coding and general consulting for businesses of any size. And we are dedicated to helping you achieve your business goals.

Free WordPress Themes

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Design Disease

Beautiful designs coming to life – it’s what we do.

We create designs that catch attention and make your site stand out. From corporate identities to paradigm-shifting art sites, we can make the right design for you. Don’t just take our word for it – see our extensive portfolio and see our creations for your self.

Free Themes (GPL)

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WordPress Theme Toolkit

In every WordPress theme there are places that are supposed to be edited and customized by the end user who is using the theme : an “About you” block to fill in, a loop to customize when you want to add “Asides” post style, some CSS to tweak to use an personal image in header, etc…

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WordPress Tweaks Plugin

WordPress Tweaks is a powerful yet simple plugin to help you push the boundaries of WordPress by fine-tuning its many aspects. This multi-purpose plugin specializes in simple toggle-on/off changes. It adds many useful settings pertaining to comments, posts, SEO, security, the administration back-end, and much more. Some tweaks can even replace plugins that you may already have installed.

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