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Free WordPress Themes

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TimeCafe Premium Free

Here’s a lighter (as color) version of TimeCafe Premium Theme. The color is lighter but the functions you have on this WordPress theme are just on any latest premium theme out theme, or perhaps more. This theme have a solid CSS (as the first version also), tested in Internet Explorer 6,7 and 8, Opera, Safari, Google Chrome and Mozilla FireFox. Theme is ready for WordPress 2.7! Enable threaded (nested) comments from your WordPress – Settings – Discussion menu and you’ll have different colors for comments up to 5 level s deep of replies.


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UBD Moneymaker Theme


  • Fully Widget Compatible (drag and drop your preferred selection of sidebar elements)
  • Built-in UBD Block Ad Plugin (manage and automatically rotate your 125×125 banner ads)
  • Additional ad management for the in-post 468×60 advertising banner
  • Theme Options panel allows you to integrate Feedburner ID and any tracking codes – all without touching a single line of source code
  • Built-in social bookmarking functionality
  • Search Engine Optimized and cross-browser compatible
  • WordPress 2.7 compatible
  • FREE to use on as many sites as you would like!
  • Add your logo without touching a single line of code!

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Fresh Themes!

An index of free themes for WordPress, Expression Engine, Blogger, BBPress, and more! The site is updated daily so be sure to check back often! Feel free to submit your own themes to the site. We only accept the best so make sure it meets the guidelines.

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Hybrid theme

This theme was designed with content in mind. There is no other theme that will display your content in a meaningful way like this one does. It’s all about getting your information out there to the world. Without all the fuss. That’s what Hybrid does.


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http://www.revolutiontwo.com/themes Belo…


Below is a list of themes for WordPress:

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WPTHEMESFREE.com is serving the largest …

WPTHEMESFREE.com is serving the largest amount of the best wordpress themes to the internet community with its unique design and listing ideas. With over 53 categories and different listing technologies we are the world leader in wordpress theme distribution. These Terms of Use apply to the current WPTHEMESFREE.com services as well as any new products or services that that may be added in the future. If new service offerings require new terms of service they will be added to this document at the time of deployment for the new services.


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